Weddings & Engagements

2 people.
1 and the same feeling.
2 lives to explore together.
1 path to tread hand in hand.
This is the mathematics of love, and this is the only rational part of it!

I love to shoot people's special moments.Because that's when they decide to show what most brightly burns inside, when they forget rhetoric and custom and just allow themselves to live according to their feelings.

Engagements are the pictures when two people acknowledge in their private their affection for each other, their will to be part of each other's life, and allow a photographer to peek into this special, very much private world, to create everlasting memories. I love these moments, when people are at the height of their serenity, and seem to savour every breath they take together, and allow me to participate, to record at the best of my abilities.

Weddings are the "atomic bombs" of our lives: the day we apparently go all in. They are at the same time frantic and slow, exciting and boring, boldly public and so intensely private at times. The wedding couple floats over the events of the day, and they are so beautiful to photograph, because all the spectrum of emotions surfaces in ever changing patterns. Families are so deeply involved, their joy, their passions, at times surface in bursts of excitement, at times in solitary, gentle tears of commotion. Friends, they're in for the good time, because a wedding is a wonderful time of happiness, and fun.And I am there, to record this beautiful day, to leave newlyweds fond memories of this life changing event, of their greatest bet together. To ensure that these intense, private moments of joy for them don't go lost in the hectic flow of events, but that they are recorded for those who could not witness them, but for whom they matter the most. So that they can forever remember all the love that surrounded them.

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