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Wanderlust (German),
composite word made of the prefix wander (traveller, migratory), and lust(desire), meaning:
• the need (urge...) to travel
• the joy of travelling and exploring

Travelling as a means of seeing, but most importantly: travelling as a way to sate a deep, ineffable hunger, that manifest itself as a kind of unexplained restlessness that can be soothed only when wandering in unknown places, meeting unexpected people, experiencing unexpected emotions.

These are pictures taken during a series of travels in the last few years, some in the form of "snaps", other more polished, as brief reportages.
I was weary as to publishing them: any time you tell a story, not only is your account necessarily laden by your preconceptions and prejudices, but the very things you notice and photograph are laden by those very same preconception: an inescapable circularity made of perception and of a production that reinforces that very perception.
It is too easy to be drawn, when in a different reality, by the strings animating one's original world, and I find it mightily unjust – although, probably unavoidable – to impose such perspective to an alien reality, just because I possess not the means to better decipher it.

And yet, what matters to me the most is the people I met, those that did strive for interaction, and that for a few seconds, or minutes, accepted the role of protagonists for the camera.Showing them acquits me partially of prejudice, because in their pictures I try to record, and show, only their humanity.
I am forever indebted to them, and to the stories they shared.

Kabardino Balkaria



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