Special Projects

Special Projects are photographic works that follow either a:

   • specific intuition

   • specific theme

   • specific content

Presented here are a few on-going endeavours deserving of mention.
Please enjoy them.

Sai Kijima

Sai Kijima is a japanese artist. And he is a friend, an inspiration, an example.

Sai creates "dolls" from flotsam and selected trash, that he proceeds then to animate through performances. Thus the dolls acquire a soul, as if life was breathed into each one of them through the act of the artist's performance. From that moment henceforth, they stop being "toys", and they become living forms of art. Ranging from amusing to disconcerting and disturbing, and yet always filled with tremendous compassion and humanity, once "animated" by Sai, they go on and on living in the mind of the spectator. A miracle of mysticism.

Sai creates "paintings" from cardboard boxes and other materials. They are naive, superficial, ugly. And deeply enthralling. They lure the observer gently, and the more attention is poured into them, the more their power to chain one's feelings and conscience increases. They never become alive like the dolls, but they always stay alive in the parallel dimension of the spectator's subconscious: never threatening, always soothing, and intriguing.

Sai created Kalado. Nothing can be said about Kalado, but that "Kalado is, when you stop exercising". Form of physical training, form of art, form of beauty, form of psychological liberation, it is the essence of dreams and the reality of earth and sky.

Sai, he is a friend of mine.

You can reach Sai at his own website: www.saikijima.com

The Basel Project

This is my love letter to Basel, Switzerland, the city where I have been living the last 7 years.

It is a silent place, a discreet city, where privacy is treasured and lives flow apparently detached one from the other. And yet the Rhein pulses like a living artery igniting its life, its people struggle to hide a deep kindness and understanding, and an unsuspected, almost unlimited capacity to be alive through art and creativity.

It is a mysterious place, so deeply layered I still fight with myself, and with it, to begin grasping its spirit. But it is an enlightening place, one needing neither accolades nor excuses, one that simply keeps on giving in its own delicate, understated way.

Moto Specials

• 2 Wheels.

• 1 pilot.

• 1000s roads.

Endless adventures!

Motorcycles are epitome for freedom, enthusiasm, childish defiance and mature ponderation: a syncretic paradox perilling in an everlasting game with gravity. What's not to love? :) They can be full standard, or custom like a tailored suit: to each pilot his own. But they are always special in the eyes of the person who trusts his life – and his dreams – on his special one.

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