Man, as seen by the camera.

Reality is fluid, it changes constantly like a movie. We change constantly like a movie. Our expressions, postures, surroundings, light falling on us: everything shifts and changes.
But a portrait, it stays. It fixes the instant, it gives us the chance, for once, to see reality as it truly is. No distraction, no flow of time, of events, of movement.

We can be one with the person photographed, appreciate the deep, powerful and empowering beauty every human being possesses.
The moment the camera clicks, that person is truly allowed to show, through a thin slice, a part of his soul.

Some love video, because its synesthesic character recreates reality as we experience it.
I do love portraits, because I see no stillness in them. I see the beauty that the split second freezes for me, for us all, to finally see.

Lighted, to create – or enhance – a mood, or lightless – to simply record – a portrait tells us a whole story of a person.
And better yet, it allows us to imagine a story for that person. And in so doing, to enter a relation with him, with her, a bond made of our history, perception, attitude, and that person's soul's slice captured by the camera.

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