The Name

My name is Lorenzo Del Pace

   What Can I do for You?

I can, and will submerge in your reality, imbuing myself in and of it, all to render you, and your beloved ones, in a light that truly shapes and casts back what wonderful people you are.

It is a gruesome process, requiring lots of talent, technical abilities, and an unflinching faith in how wondrous every person is.

I am, and will be deeply respectful, honestly interested in you (and in fellow men and women), and yet I will dare you to expose your inner self.

I will tease and I will taunt at least as much as I will show honest understanding,  compassion and experience enthusiasm at and for you.

It is just the way I am, and this is together we will make the magic of the real person you are free to come out, to eventually surprise us both.

   The Why

I take pictures because I love it.
There can be no easier, no better explanation for an activity that absorbs me so much to the point of defining me: I look around, marvel, and feel like shooting.
All the time.
Photography praises blatant and hidden beauty, records despair and pride, witnesses life and death. I imagine nothing as compelling, nothing as powerful.
Nothing is unworthy of photography, and everything is a chance of relation through it.
Elation, that is the feeling of excited enthusiasm when that one picture out of thousands has that special je ne sais quoi.
Frustration is all the rest of the time.
Confusion is the thread bridging those two extremes.
Illusion is the energy propelling over those threads.

   The Who

I am almost 40.
Overburdened by life’s conundrums.
But overjoyed at fellow men and women and their stories.

Underwhelmed by my ability to do them justice.
Understanding is the key I try to use to decipher them.
Balance is when I am at the right place, spiritually ready, and life simply unfolds, unravels.

   The Extra

I am Italian, a Philosophy graduate, long in love with the myth of the Soviet Union, never disappointed by its often admittedly harsh reality.
I attained a master in Science Communication, and live and feel as a conforming non-conformist in a world I see led by non-comforming conformists.

   That Which You Shouldn’t Know

I am humorous, paradoxical, and bordering on facetious on a good day, never really taking myself too seriously.
Hence the why these few lines of biography took me hours to write.
I play tennis with a Pro Kennex stick.
I’d love to receive an email from you with a detailed pre-emptive refusal of my services, imbued with some brilliantly elaborated flippancy. I know it’s wrong for business, but it’d make my day.

   That Which Might Be Unexpected

Thank you.
No, really, thank you for reading.

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